Mossy Quartz Labradorite Ruby Garnet Earrings


  • mossy quartz with flecks of pyrite
  • raw ruby
  • labradorite
  • sterling silver
  • garnet
  • 1 1/2″ drop
  • handcrafted in Tallahassee, FL
  • one of a kind

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This mossy quartz is super special translucent in the light with flecks of pyrite and mossy inclusions.   It picks up the golden greenish fire flash in the labradorite which is spectacular and a tiny faceted garnet and raw ruby add a touch of fall color while remaining natural with the plate of colors. The earrings measure 1 1/2″

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Garnet, Mossy, Ruby


Garnet, Labradorite, Mossy Quartz, Ruby




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